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Corten Steel Planter GN-PR-1106 Large Outdoor Sphere Shaped

Other Sizes

  • Ø600*H400 mm, 3mm
  • Ø800*H600 mm, 4mm
  • Ø900*H700 mm, 4mm

This Sphere planter box is available in different sizes and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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Corten Steel Planter is geometric sphere shaped made of weathering steel and create a unique, unusual streetscape.



Product NameCorten Steel Planter GN-PR-1106 Large Outdoor Sphere Shaped
Brand NameGnee Garden
Model NumberGN-PR-1106
MaterialCorten Steel / Weathering Steel
Thickness4 mm
SizeH: 800mm, Dia: 1000mm
standard sizes-corten-steel-planter-gn-pr-1106-large-outdoor-sphere-shaped
4 Standard Sizes

We recommend that the Sphere Planter is applied in combination with sculptural multi-stemmed trees to generate a magnificent sight!

Highly corrosion resistant - Corten steel resists all weather conditions without maintenance. Once weathered into its orange brown colour, this thin layer of oxidation protects the steel from any further corrosion.

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