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Corten Bed GN-GE-003 Steel Hammered-in Landscape Edging

  • Size: 5 PACK (20 feet total)
  •  Item Display Height: 8.0 Inches
  • Package Dimensions   48.5 x 7.8 x 1.1 inches
  • Item Weight   43.7 pounds

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Create a new space in your garden than Corten Bed GN-GE-003 is the ultimate No-dig edging. Instead of cheap plastics it's comprised of heavy duty 14 gauge corten steel.


Worried about damage from your weed eater? Don't be! Corten Bed can take unlimited abuse. Corten Steel develops a rust patina over time to give a handsome modern look. (It can be sealed too!)

Uses corten steel in order to be more malleable for use on curves in your landscape. The corten / weathering steel can last well over 100 years.

Corten Edge landscape edging is made of hearty corten steel that virtually lasts a lifetime. corten steel is a marine-grade steel that is strong and durable - impervious to pests, the elements, and even contact damage - while also being pliable enough to bend or form into any shape desired.

The clean, crisp, lines of the steel make Corten Edge an attractive landscape edging option too! In fact, Corten Edge looks and performs better over time, in any climate or outdoor environment, as it acquires a strength-enhancing, beautiful, rustic patina finish as it ages.

Even better, Corten Edge metal edging is easy to install in mere seconds. The individual edging strips haven sharp teeth that slice easily into the ground when just lightly hammered into the existing grass or soil. And because Corten Edge penetrates into the ground, it provides a much better barrier to weeds and unwanted grass invading your beds and may even help prevent invasion by bugs and rodents.

No matter what shape, design, or style landscape you choose, Corten Edge can be the perfect complement to that aesthetic, while also making getting and maintaining clean lines - and weed-free beds - a breeze!




Use an edger or shovel to help loosen the soil and define the path where edging will be installed. (optional, but recommended)


Position the edging with the teeth down along the defined path.


Place wood block over the spine of the edging and drive down with a hammer.


Place edging end to end unless overlapping to shorten length. Separate clamp on top of the pieces and drive down to secure clamp.

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