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BBQ:Corten Steel For Outdoor Kitchens

Which materials are suitable for garden kitchens?

A garden kitchen is located outdoors all year round. This means it must be able to withstand humidity, heat and frost, and its surfaces should be easy to clean. For this reason, the most suitable body is made from a high quality metal, such as rust red weather proof steel, whose warm rust red color blends in with the garden. Metal surfaces stand up well to the weather and provide decades of enjoyment in the garden. On the other hand, wooden outdoor kitchens are less weather resistant and therefore less durable than metal kitchens.

Outdoor kitchens with barbecues are best placed in a living place, i.e. on the terrace or on a cozy seat in the garden. If you want to be slightly out of the weather, you can choose a place under an awning or cover the kitchen with a pergola. Both will keep you cool and away from leaves and other dirt while you cook.


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